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Transaction information on the stock market exchange

1) How to buy stock in the stock market exchange?
a) Firstly, you must open a stock exchange acccount in a home of brokerage. (Ex: e-trade, Disnat or BMO) To open a stock exchange account, it is the same as to open an account in a bank. You must fill certain forms to open the account. There are several types of account, the most popular are "CASH" and "RRSP".

b) To purchase a stock of a company, you must deposit some cash in your stock exchange account before buying the stock desired.

c) Every home of brokerage offers an Internet site to purchase or sale stock in a stock market exchange.
First, you must connect to the Internet site of your home of brokerage with a username and a password.
You must then enter the information of your order to purchase or sale and immediately the transaction is sent to the stock market exchange.

Information of an order: - code of the company
- Type of order (purchase or sale)
- Number of actions
- Price
- length of the validity (1 or many days)

Here is the list of home of brokerage:
TD Waterhouse
BMO Ligne d'action
Courtage direct Banque Nationale
RBC Placements en direct
Disnat (Desjardins)
HSBC InvestDirect
Pro-Investisseurs CIBC
Courtage à escompte Banque Laurentienne
Placement direct ScotiaMcLeod
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