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Welcome dear investor!

We have created a system which allows to analyse and to identify the best stock picks for you with the technical analysis. The system allow to find the bullish impulses for all companies that exists in Toronto TSX, TSX Venture, Amex, Nasdaq and New-York.

The report content the best stock picks using the technical analysis among more than 11200 companies in the stock exchange market. The report is sent by email several times a day.

With "Systeme d'analyse Boursier", you will be an investor winning who will be informed as well and as fast as a professionals.

Note that "Systeme d'analyse Boursier" is a working tool to invest in the stock market using the technical analysis. "Systeme d'analyse Boursier" is a stock market adviser. In no case, he recommends or disadvises the purchase or the sale of stock exchange.

FREE - Acquire the technical analysis results of five days ago as well as results review of last year free. Each report contain the best stocks picked by the system. See link "Historic Email".

Prove by you even the performance of stock picked by this system. To receive the technical analysis results of the current day by email, visit the link below "Subscription".

** NEW ** Since May 2008: A stock screener is now availlable for all canadians stock exchange (TSX, TSX-VENTURE). More criteria will be added to the screener page. Create your own criteria to select your best stock.

** NEW ** Since July 2008: Search a company or a quote in all canadians and americans stock exchange.

** NEW ** Since September 2008: Free virtual Stock Exchange will be availlable to play, build and manage your own stock portfolio with virtual money - "Monopoly money". visit the link "Register".

** NEW ** Since June 2009: Free stock screener is availlable for NASDAQ, NEW WORK and AMEX stock exchange.
Create your own criteria for all american stock exchange.

** NEW ** Since January 2010: The best dividend stock for 2010 are now availlable for all stocks in canadian and american stock exchange.

** NEW ** June 2010: A new stock transaction report with historic stock exchange transaction will be added in the virtual stock portfolio.

** NEW ** November 2010: A Fundamental Stock Screener is now availlable with many criteria like Capitalisation, Revenue, Depense, EPS, ect.)


Own by the TSX group, the Toronto stock exchange is the first stock exchange in the north america. The toronto stock exchange has the 3th place after the Nyse and NASDAQ, and 8th place in the world.
The TSX stock screener contains many filter to find the best company to invest. This web site used an intelligent stock pick to give you a report with the best stock. Receive by email the best stock list from the intelligent stocks picks system.

More criteria has been added to the TSX stock screener page to help you to make money for investing on the stock market.
The stock screener is created to screen for stocks using some or many parameters.

You can sort all stock found based on the stock screener filter. A stock screener can finds stocks using either technical analysis or fundamental data. Generally, a stock trader would screen stocks using technical data and a investor would use fundamental data.
The stock screener allow you to pick, select and to display on the screen the best stock based on your criteria.
All stocks news are availlables for all canadians and all americans stock exchange.
Search your stock by symbol to see the stock charts and the technical analysis of your stock.
This stock picks system can help you for your investment in the stock market exchange.
The stock screener can be used to select the best stocks on all canadian stock exchange (TSX and TSX Venture).
Some criteria has been added in the stock screener page to give you more flexibility to select your stock. This site have some article about the stock market investing.

More than 130 free reports with the best stock to verify can be found in the historic email link. All stock reports generated until September 25, 2008 are now availlable.

All canadian and US Stock Exchange are in a bear market. You should wait until a bull market before another investment. Now it's the time to short some companies that will go under the current stock support.

The canadian and the american stock exchange market are not in a bullish zone, all sectors are in a bear zone.
The TSX, Venture, Nasdaq, Newyork stock exchange are currently in a bear zone.
The virtual stock exchange is used to create your own portfolio to practice to buy and sell stock with virtual money. The canadian free portfolio help you to manage your money with all stocks in the stock exchange.
The stock exchange simulator can help you to play and pick the best stock on stock exchange. You can see also the statistic on your TSX stock portfolio.

The free stock screener availlable online is a free tsx ticker, you can pick the best stock from all stock exchange. The canadian stock screener is a free stock market picks on this site to help you to create your own portefolio.
An intelligent stock analyzer can help you to select the best stock to pick.
You can also use the tsx stock screener to select the best stock to buy.
The report contain the best canadian stock to verify. You can also search the best stock with the stock screener by your own criteria.

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